“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Lets take it to the streets ..
My own .. not my best.. I just got bored and tried makin something I would wear.. well and this came out :P
Not my best work.. but i just loved d design.. it was the best of the bunch for me.. from Proenza Schoulers 2010 Fashionshow .. i think f/s .. if i'm not mistaken..

I was just reading the December issue of Vogue of course covered by gorgeous Cate Blanchett, I saw the first ad which is from the great known designer Michael Kors and I just loved the dress and had to at least try my own interpretation of the gorgeous strapless gown ..
No one does it like Michael K ;-)

This is not my own design, just my interpretation on one designer of Project Runway I really liked, The perfect detailed design on the sweatshirt was just amazing.. simplicity is simply gorgeous..
One of Project Runways contestants , cant remember what season, has designed this gorgeous dress, only his dress had a bit of different design in details, I kept it simpler, by making a white-grey-yellow squared pattern on the left boob and a floral-like violet design starting on the left lower part of of her waist going on to her entire lower V-cut back.
And since the original design was too colorful for my taste, I tried keeping it simple on the middle part of the dress by making it all black so the attention goes to the detailed pattern I did on the upper part of the dress and to make it edgier and a more fresh look, I decided to enlighten the whole design with a fresh yellow color at the bottom.

Well these are some of my sketches.. I dont think its time though to show my own designs :P

I hope you like it..

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Anonymous said...

creativ!!!very good!!!i make also some accessories!!!im going to put them in my blog!XoXo great job miss