Lets get ready to rumble

Now who is pulling off the better look of the sparkly hooded Brian Lichtenberg mini-dress???

Lindsay Lohan at the InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes after party, January 2010. OR Kim Kardashian at TAO nightclub at the Venetian, Las Vegas, October 2009.

Feel free to comment who in Your opinion is pulling off the better outift ;-)


Nip 'n' tuck

Okay these pictures are the ones we call BEFORE
The simple Heidi Montag trying to get her way through The Hills, apparently is also trying to get her way through plastic surgeons ..

and here are the ones we call AFTER..
I mean you can totally tell the difference..
Damn those boobs are just monstrous .. well but we have seen bigger right ;-)
now she even looks more like a Bunny in the Playboy mansion than Brody's ex-girlfriend Jane who really is a Playboy Bunny ..



Follow the pattern

entire outfit by Marc Jacobs Spring collection
flats by Armani

spring dress by Anna Sui .. match it with a simple coat or long blazer.. you surely will rock the outfit

This coming Springs must have:
Patterned coats, dresses, wedges, sun glasses, handkerchiefs, ...


Color of the season - Cocolicious

Hair color of the season .. RED!
Gorgeous Coco Rocha rockin the hair color.. specially with big hair do.. ;-)


2010 Golden Globes; The Real Stars!

Okay, first of all ..lets give NINE-actress Kate Hudson a round of applause for not playing it safe with a dark colored dress. She is definitely one of the few (like Gossip Girls voice Kristen Bell) who, even with the inconvenient weather wanted to rock the Red carpet with a gorgeous all clean white gown. Here Kate Hudson in white hot Marchesa strapless silk crepe gown.

Comedy-Musical series star Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta just makes you wanna say WOW.. now that is a Nominee ;-)

Lets not mention the worst dressed of the past 2010 Golden Globes, cause it would be a loooooong list of disappointing actresses.

So IMO the nights best dressed is gorgeous Star Penelope Cruz in Giorgio Armani Privé. Bravo Armani, Bravo!

Any more actresses who were In Your Opinion the best dressed, just leave a comment with this post ;-)



bags to die for

simply the best :D marine look chanel bag




high end-fastfood




Well obviously i'm a hugggggge fan of Bryanboy.. :D
I hope one of these pics I made will show up on his blog <3
I love Bryanboy



if i had wings, I'd fly to you

H&M fake fur jacket -Zara stripped top -Zara polo -Zara bag


Everything is Zara :P (skirt, turtle neck top, grey oversized coat, tights and skirt)-Loewe Bag -Burberry Ear warmer

After a quick visit into my hopefully future school.. just taking a picture with the beautiful white snow..

just take a picture quick.. its freezing

Zara long sleeved pinkish top-H&M brown leather jacket -Springfield baggy pants -Deichmann shoes- H&M maroon scarf -wayfarer RayBan

Finally a day.. where i wasnt too lazy to get out of bed.. get in some laid back cool clothes and take a picture in the snow.. :P
This is my favorite time of year.. when there's a white dream outside my window .. waiting for me to take this picture :D


un deux trois

Did you know that in the 116 years of Vogue history, there have only been three extraordinary men on the cover..

1st: very much known actor Richard Gere with his gorgeous ex-wife Cindy Crawford in the November issue in 1999 ..(sadly i couldnt find out what designers they're wearing on this cover :(

2nd: handsome George Clooney with gorgeous number one most paid Supermodel in year 2009 Gisele Bündchen on the June issue in 2000.. stunning cover :D

And 3rd: Cleveland Cavaliers' superstar LeBron James (my personal hottieeeee :D) with Again .. supermodel Gisele Bündchen on the April issue 2008.

Gosh cant believe how giantly tall these hot basketball players are.. Gisele -dating Patriots star quarterback Brady -is 5-foot-11 and her Coverpartner LeBron being 6-foot-9..
*Sigh*.. I dont know why they couldnt be just a few inches smaller and me a few inches taller :(
Well still a stunning cover again from extraordinaire fashion magazine Vogue.



“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Lets take it to the streets ..
My own .. not my best.. I just got bored and tried makin something I would wear.. well and this came out :P
Not my best work.. but i just loved d design.. it was the best of the bunch for me.. from Proenza Schoulers 2010 Fashionshow .. i think f/s .. if i'm not mistaken..

I was just reading the December issue of Vogue of course covered by gorgeous Cate Blanchett, I saw the first ad which is from the great known designer Michael Kors and I just loved the dress and had to at least try my own interpretation of the gorgeous strapless gown ..
No one does it like Michael K ;-)

This is not my own design, just my interpretation on one designer of Project Runway I really liked, The perfect detailed design on the sweatshirt was just amazing.. simplicity is simply gorgeous..
One of Project Runways contestants , cant remember what season, has designed this gorgeous dress, only his dress had a bit of different design in details, I kept it simpler, by making a white-grey-yellow squared pattern on the left boob and a floral-like violet design starting on the left lower part of of her waist going on to her entire lower V-cut back.
And since the original design was too colorful for my taste, I tried keeping it simple on the middle part of the dress by making it all black so the attention goes to the detailed pattern I did on the upper part of the dress and to make it edgier and a more fresh look, I decided to enlighten the whole design with a fresh yellow color at the bottom.

Well these are some of my sketches.. I dont think its time though to show my own designs :P

I hope you like it..

fashion is a passion not an addiction

Have a small peek into my passion.. sketching!
These are just a few of some of my sketches.. I really hope i get better and better until the entrance exam..
I've sent some applications to some small fashion boutiques here in Vienna, I got accepted to some already but I really hope I get this one specifically where they only sell High Fashion designs... so i can get real inspiration from real high fashion designers.. to make my designs better..
Well still keeping my options open and my fingers crossed :D



another year has come and gone away

Zara jeans blazer - Zara ruffled skirt - H&M Tshirt - H&M accessories - Zara tights

This year was a blast..
Actually us entering a New Year is no big deal.. we're still living life .. facing inevitable Ups and Downs... We're just realizing how fast time passes over the months.. ;-) wth its just a number but still ..
lets all raise our glasses and drink to 2009 another year that has come and gone away!!
Happy New Year everyone .. may we all have another unpredictable year ;-)

Happy 2010