Proenza Schouler 'Satchel bag'

Lately I'm getting soooo addictive to Proenza Schoulers designs.. may it be clothes or bags.. The desings are classy and edgy ;-)
and this Satchel bag is amazing.. it goes with a classy look and vintage laid back look.. which i love
coz I never stick to one look..


Hot Hotter Baptiste Giaconi

One of Fashion-industry's most wanted Male Model today .. Baptiste Giaconi .. 19 year old perfect creature on earth ..
Rumored as Karl Lagerfelds new muse ;-)
Well a man gots to pay his bills and get his way into the fashion world right.. wat the heck.. we dont give a damn .. if he's Karls's new muse .. he looks great in those Heels (i mean heels.. hellewwwwwww) and has fierceness in his eyes.. he is simply hot!


He said She said

Lola .. LV-ing Viennesestyle

Coco .. LV-ing Manilastyle

Well look at that.. Coco&Lola doing the exact same thing only a millions miles apart from each other ;-)
I miss you sooooo much frend/coco .. cant wait to see you again.. 3 more months :(
and we can post a picture titled .. COCO&LOLA LV-ing Reunited :P


know your roots

since my frend coco is enjoying the tropical heat on the Philippines and eating food i can only dream of.. meanwhile i'm bored to death here in Vienna and freezing .. so i'monna be the one posting some updates for him for now ..

Paparazzi shot of the day
If i'm not mistaken.. he just did some shopping at Greenbelt and finally bought Topshop products at last.. (since there's no topshop here in Vienna.. ughhh.. soooo depressing.. i know *sigh*)
'What the hell are you lookin at.. ?!'
Coco's super laid back shopping look.. this picture really really reminds me of Zac Efrons look.. but still Coco is Coco right ;-) Zippin our favorite Coffeeshop/Starbucks drink Iced Chai Latte with Soymilk :D goshhh soooo craving for one right now!!

Simply water under the bridge
I guess this was still shot in Greenbelt4.. (i think :/)
Coco dressed in ZARA clothes.. except for the pants and the scarf >H&M ..
I felt kinda hot when i saw this picture of yours coco.. wasnt it freakin hot wearin that blazer?
Well who cares right.. we would wear anything just as long as it goes with the outfit and it look hella good ;-)

xoxo-lola with participation of coco-

lola me marc plsssss :P

Lola by Marc Jacobs just got out this August but i'm soooooooooooo crazy about this fragrance.. and look at that bottle.. its so Lola-ish :D
i just love the sweet flowery scent of Marc Jacobs new fragrance its made for me obviously.. daaaah .. and look at that model.. pure fierceness gurl.. i looooove it ^^
A must add to my perfume collection.. you can never go wrong with marc jacobs <3



This kinda happens when i go through my wardrobe.. i know its winter (here in Vienna) and this outfit is so summer-y .. but it was hot in the appartment so.. wat the heck ..
Well everythings from ZARA again.. except for my kinda laced OVERKNEEs.. they're from H&M .. love them.. never got to use them this past summer.. cause i bought them in November when it was already freezing here in Vienna ..


never forget that every rose has its thorns

Just talkin a walk in one of Viennas famous sights .. Schönbrunn .. this was taken summer '09 .. i know months ago.. but i just wanted to share this outfit with you guys :P
EVERYTHING is from ZARA except the red hat and the blazer is from H&M .. oh and of course my RayBan glasses ..
well thats pretty much it.. i find d outfit kinda matchy a bit.. but i was really into red this time so.. wat the hell :P
and the red tights give the outfit a bit of an edge ..i think.. :P

xoxo -lola-


Rachel McAdams covering Vogue January 2010

Ladies its Mean Girl Rachel McAdams on cover.. Cant wait to have it in my hands and be amazed by this up coming years fashion trends ;-)
Our covergirls current project, is her new movie 'Sherlock Holmes' .. with co-stars Robert Downey Jr. and hot and irresistible Jude Law .. rawr!

xoxo -lola-



Waiting for the bus with a full tummy .. and it was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing.. didnt think we'd have snow this year.. but this is my favorite time of year so happy snowy time Vienna :D

I've been craving for sushi for soooooooooooo long now.. finally my tummy got satisfied today :D
but when i think about how many i ate of these today.. i think i wont have any sushi any time soon.. this year.. whichs reminds me.. this year is almost over guys.. sooo any new years resolution already?? ;-)

xoxo - lola -

Brittany Murphy R.I.P.



Britanny Murphy died of heart failure at the age of 32 earlier today .. According to sources she had an asthma attack before and her mom found her unconscious on the bathroom floor few days before the death ..
We all know she was using drugs before.. hmmmm well whatever caused her death we may never find out .. but lets hope she'll rest in peace now up there..
RIP Brittany Murphy

xoxo - lola -


On Lola:
black boots - Zara
high waisted raffled skirt - Zara
plain black tank top - Zara
dirty white fall jacket - Springfield
mocha bag - Zara
accessories - H&M

On Coco:
black boots - Zara
dark blue skinny jeans - Zara
grey knit sweater - H&M
grey polo - H&M
black leather jacket - H&M
violet scarf - H&M

Oh ja forgot to mention.. we never edit pictures.. who cares.. as long as your outfits are nice right ;-) All natural ;-)
xoxo - lola-

Be my Edward tonight Coco

We were just havin fun this night and a bit tispy too so we decided to take a few pics and capture the coco&lola moment ;-)

On Lola:
grey ankle boots - Zara
black pants - Zara
suspenders - H&M
white polo - H&M
gilet - Zara

On Coco:
leather boots with fur - Zara
black pants - H&M
white polo - Zara
suspenders - H&M
grey hat - Zara

obviously we planned our outfits for this night :P

xoxo - lola-

coco hasn't left lola YET ;-)

On Lola:
Grey knit sweater with fur collar - Zara
green tights - Zara
maroon scarf - H&M
(underneath)high waisted grey skirt - H&M
black ballerinas - Zara
green sweater - Zara
LV bag

On Coco:
Hat - Zara
Pants - H&M
White Polo - Zara
Black leather shoes - Zara
Scarf - Zara
Clubmaster like glasses - Mango HE
(LV bags - Lola & Cills property ;-)

Zara-ing around ;-)

Gucci-ing around the city ;-)

YSL 'Roady' ..love at first sight <3

The latest YSL bag 'Roady' .. which i saw just on the latest Gossip Girl episode presented by Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) is just a bag girls fall in love with.
Like every YSL bag it just matches every outfit..
On Katy Perry wearing a pink strapless mini dress .. On one of the Olsens (cant tell which one it is :P) breath taking laid back every day look .. On Leighton Meesters I dont know wat to call look :P .. It just goes with every outfit..
A must have for this season.. and I bet the quality goes with the price ;-)

xoxo -lola-