Strangeness is coolness

Just grabbing dinner at a Sushi resto..

Jacket - H&M, Ballerinas - ZARA, white tank - H&M, polkadots scarf - ZARA(men), Nerd glasses, Louis Vuitton bag


Oh sunny Vienna!

Finally sun has arrived here in Vienna -.-'
It may look very sunny and warm.. but despite the beautiful spotlight the sun gave us this day.. it was freezingggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!
People here cant wait for the warm weather to finally arrive! My new Spring clothes need to be exposssssssssssed! So dear 'Warmth' .. please do us a favor and come to Vienna!


yes shopping is addictive

After lunch with my homies! we went shopping.. just a typical chill day here in Vienna!


Happy 21st homey!

One of my very closest friends has turned 21 :D After lunch at a resto here in Vienna named 'Freiraum' we went for a shopping spree!



SO glad i finally got my new babyyyyy!!! My clubmaster from RayBan <3<3
I love you sooo much my babyyy!!



My favorite fashion Blogger

Two of the most famous Fashion Blogger together in Milan Fashion Week 2010
I love Bryan Boy
I love The Blonde Salad (Chiara) <3<3<3
you're amazing guys! keep it up


Lipstick Shoes

Arent these the cutest =)
Alberto Guardiani's Lipstick shaped heels are soooo adorable!