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since my frend coco is enjoying the tropical heat on the Philippines and eating food i can only dream of.. meanwhile i'm bored to death here in Vienna and freezing .. so i'monna be the one posting some updates for him for now ..

Paparazzi shot of the day
If i'm not mistaken.. he just did some shopping at Greenbelt and finally bought Topshop products at last.. (since there's no topshop here in Vienna.. ughhh.. soooo depressing.. i know *sigh*)
'What the hell are you lookin at.. ?!'
Coco's super laid back shopping look.. this picture really really reminds me of Zac Efrons look.. but still Coco is Coco right ;-) Zippin our favorite Coffeeshop/Starbucks drink Iced Chai Latte with Soymilk :D goshhh soooo craving for one right now!!

Simply water under the bridge
I guess this was still shot in Greenbelt4.. (i think :/)
Coco dressed in ZARA clothes.. except for the pants and the scarf >H&M ..
I felt kinda hot when i saw this picture of yours coco.. wasnt it freakin hot wearin that blazer?
Well who cares right.. we would wear anything just as long as it goes with the outfit and it look hella good ;-)

xoxo-lola with participation of coco-

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